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The Community Newspaper Project is dedicated to providing small and regional communities with reliable, informative and fair local news coverage.

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“Most of us probably feel we couldn’t be free without newspapers, and that is the real reason we want newspapers to be free.” Edward R. Murrow


The Chestertown Spy

Founded in June 2009, the Chestertown Spy is the first CNP project. Based in Chestertown, Maryland, the Spy now receives over 1 million pageviews and 125,000 unique readers each year.


The Talbot Spy

Founded in June 2011, the Talbot Spy is the second CNP project. Based in St. Michaels, Maryland, the Spy now receives over 300,000 pageviews and 50,000 unique readers each year.


The Queen Anne's Spy

Currently in beta.


The Ketchum Keystone

Located in Ketchum, Idaho, and named after the first print newspaper in 1892, the Keystone was started in June of 2013.

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